Physical Therapy Testimonials

Are you feeling hopeless and frustrated because of the pain in your life? Would you like to transform these struggles into something more positive, meaningful, or real? If so, then our therapists might be able to help. One way we do this is by facilitating healing through therapy sessions with individuals from all walks of life who have been affected by various factors. Individuals can find comfort and healing here when they need it most during difficult times on their journey towards wellness!
Below is a brief list of the many physical therapy testimonials that we have received from our happy customers who we have help return to an active lifestyle.

"I feel like family.  Everyone is helpful and willing to help me improve.  I know I can be a pill, but you all keep on working!.”  Many thanks."

Tom H.

"My therapist was very capable and very helpful.  He encouraged me and gave me a good feeling about myself.  My sincere thanks and appreciation go to him!"

Chris T.

"I considered it a pleasure to be treated by such a professional group! Thank you!"

Mary T.

"Very happy with the concern they showed me for my comfort and how to manage my pain."

Nancy C.

"I am so thankful for the therapy and care I have received.  I also appreciate the staff being so kind and friendly."

Greg L.

"Excellent results!  Undivided attention from a very skilled therapist.  Staff is very professional and helpful.  Great customer service.  I will continue to recommend you and I’m glad that you were recommended to me!"

Steve M.

"Greg was excellent.  He was very good with all the exercises and everything he did.  I would come back (if needed) to him.  I will make sure all of my friends know how good he is.  Thank you Greg for everything!"

Larry E.

"Lifestyle PT is a very well organized group.  All work well together and with the patients.  Friendly staff makes a bad situation better. Greg is very good at his profession, well I should really say “Excellent”.  This has been a great experience and I feel well taken care of by all.  Thanks y’all!"

Clyde L.

"I have been treated three different times, neck & shoulder, pinched nerve, and strained groin & leg muscles. Dr. Shuler is tops. She cares for her patients and I couldn’t have made it without her therapy. She took my pain away. I would always return to Lifestyle Physical Therapy and highly recommend the whole staff."

Lou M.

"When I started physical therapy at Lifestyle, I was in constant pain 24 hours a day. Dr. Shuler explained the causes of the pain. She and her staff are very professional but are very caring and you are comfortable during sessions. I am thankful I chose Lifestyle Physical Therapy. They are the best and I know I will have continued support if I need it."

Les M.

"Greg did a great job!! I credit his care to getting my foot healed."

Tom M.

"I am grateful for the skills, patience, and charm from all the Lifestyle staff, especially from the physical therapist Karen Shuler. Not only one, but everyone is a darling over there. Thank you all."

Jennifer F.

"I am thankful for Karen’s ability and knowledge to work with my Crohn’s inflammation, which in any other facility would have been ignored. I attained success because Karen worked with me through the inflammation to improve and manage symptoms."

Nolan D.

"For anyone needing physical therapy, this is the place to be. Could not have been better."

Tina T.

"Can’t ask for better treatment or service than what I received at Lifestyle PT."

Tom P.

"Great people at this location. Greg knows his therapy and always can find the trouble spots. Greg is Great! Thank you!"

Kevin F.

"Karen taught me how to manage my pain. I am more than confident that I will have long time relief. Satisfaction is not strong enough to say how I feel. Thank you!"

Chris R.

"I received very personal thoughtful care. Karen and her staff are so skilled and considerate."

James O.