5 Benefits of Restorative Sleep

According to the CDC 1 in 3 Adults do not get enough sleep. That means that 40% of Americans are walking around sleep deprived. That may explain why Americans consume over 400 million cups of Coffee per day. We are struggling to stay alert, so we reach for the Caffeine.

 Getting restorative sleep is a recommendation that we hear often, but what does that really mean. The recommended amount of sleep needed for adults over 18 years of age is 7 hours. The CDC identifies less than 7 hours of sleep as a short duration sleep cycle. Getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is good, but does not ensure that you are entering into the deep restorative levels of sleep known as the Delta phase of sleep. This is not to be confused with the REM phase of sleep that is more active and where we dream. Getting restorative sleep is vital to our health and provides the following benefits.

Benefits of Deep Restorative Sleep

  1. Balancing of Hormones
  2. Strengthening of Immune System
  3. Refueling of the body’s energy stores
  4. Repairing the body
  5. Improved focus and problem solving during the day

The CDC also states that individuals that receive less than 7 hours of sleep, report higher incidence of obesity, heart disease, and stroke along with other chronic conditions. If you are healing from surgery or looking to improve your health one of the first steps you can take is to focus on getting 7 hours or more sleep per night.  

Steps you can take to improve sleep hygiene:

  1. Develop a consistent bedtime routine
  2. No alcohol a few hours before bedtime
  3. Use anti-glare computer glasses to reduce the blue light from computers or reduce screen time
  4. Get daylight exposure (go for a walk)
  5. Journal before bed to get your thoughts out of your mind
  6. Prayer before bedtime
  7. Wear comfortable clothes
  8. Reduce Caffeine intake after 12 PM
  9. Reduce temperature in the room
  10. Place electronics outside of your bedroom

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