Shoulder Health and Posture

Why Do I need to worry about my Shoulder Health?

Keeping your shoulders healthy will keep you swimming, throwing a ball, reaching overhead, playing tennis, and picking up your kids pain free.

How Does Posture Effect my shoulders?

When you slouch this puts your shoulder in a position to pinch your rotator cuff muscles against your shoulder blade. Like in the image below. Poor posture leads to pinching the rotator cuff tendons when you raise your arm to reach or place items over your head. Reapeatedly pinching the rotator cuff tendons results in pain, inflammation, and over time rupturing the tendons. This leads to difficulty with reaching, throwing, and picking up items.

Envision placing your finger in the door and slamming it over and over again. You would expect to have pain and swelling. If you do not STOP slamming your finger in the door, it will eventually break. This is what happens with the rotator cuff tendons when you continue to do activities that result in pinching the tendons repeatedly.

What can I do to prevent shoulder pain or injury?

One of the best things you can do to prevent shoulder pain or injury is to sit or stand nice and tall. In our clinic we say “place the chest up and pull your belly button to the spine.” Go ahead and try it. Sit slouched and raise your arm and then sit tall and raise your arm. Now you can feel how much easier it is to raise your arm when you are sitting or standing tall. So, throughout the day tell yourself chest up and belly button to the spine. Your shoulders will thank you.

If you find you are not able to place your chest up or you continue to have shoulder pain after correcting your posture, then you need a physical therapy evaluation. Our physical Therapist are ready to help you get back to reaching over your head, so you can do the things you love. Call or text 803-831-1454 or visit our website at to learn more.