The 3 Best Stretches and Tips to Know When and How to Stretch Safely.

The need for stretching before or after exercise has come into question in the last few years. Learn about different types of stretches and when to apply them before and after exercise.

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

3.5 million

According to John Hopkins University, this is the number of sports injuries that occur in children and teenagers every year in the United States. In fact, sports injuries account for ⅓ of all childhood injuries. Another 5 million sports injuries occur in adults at every level of competition whether it’s in the gym, on the company softball team, or on the Carolina Panthers.

So what counts as a sports injury?

Any injury that occurs during exercise or sport. This includes common musculoskeletal conditions but can also include concussions.


This is how often treatment by a healthcare provider was sought out by those who experience a sports injury. Physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists are the most commonly sought out providers, especially those who specialize in treatment of sport related injuries.

So what is sports physical therapy?

As physical therapists, our goal is to restore the physical ability to live your life without limitation or pain. Sports physical therapy focuses on returning an athlete to the sport or activity that they love and without limits. Treatment begins with an emphasis on pain reduction and activity modification to allow for the injury to heal. As symptoms improve, treatment shifts gears to reconditioning. This is to prepare the athlete for sport specific activities by building a solid base of strength and endurance. Once this is achieved, exercises and activities that develop skills specific to each sport are implemented. With completion of these sport specific activities, a return to sport strategy is developed to transition back into full sport participation.

Who is appropriate for sports physical therapy?

Anyone who experiences an injury that limits their ability to exercise or play sports. No matter the severity of the injury, everyone can benefit from sports physical therapy to be sure they return at 100%!

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